I’d have liked to belong to them
Agata, 1987, Poland

Mostly classic movies (both silent and talkies). I also live a classic men appreciation life (with Ronald Colman and Vincent Price at the helm).


Douglas Fairbanks Jr. wearing a tyrolean jacket at his home in Santa Monica, California, 1938

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Greer Garson and Ronald Colman rehearsing a scene from Random Harvest, 1942

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Gary Cooper, 1928

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Dongles’ stupid face on ebay
because reasons

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Ronald Colman in The Light that Failed (1939)

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Vincent Price, c. 1940s

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Myrna Loy and William Powell in a promotional photo for the film After the Thin Man (1936)

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"If they meant, by ‘lady,’ the sort of feminine creature who refrains from smacking people on their kissers, I wouldn’t have an objection in the world. But the Greer Garson Lady is something just too-too, with a halo of nobility. She’s all wrapped up in cellophane. Her petticoats rustle when she moves and her little finger curves off from her teacup. A stuffy piece of bric-a-brac—out of this world. I’d like to take her by the scruff of her neck and drop her neatly into the Pacific Ocean!” - Greer Garson, 1942