I’d have liked to belong to them
Agata, 1987, Poland

Mostly classic movies (both silent and talkies). I also live a classic men appreciation life (with Ronald Colman and Vincent Price at the helm).


Happy Birthday William Horatio Powell | July 29th, 1892 March 5th, 1984

His careful attention to the neceties of grooming; his perfectly tailored suits, spotless cuffs, and collars; his orotund voice curled around well-turned phrases; the deferential way he bowed his head slightly when being introduced all would have helped him gain entry at any elite, leather-chair-and-brandy-snifter men’s club.

I’m not a ladies’ man. I haven’t the physical characteristics for one thing. Not handsome. Someone like Valentino should have played this part. Not Bill Powell.
Unfortunately, or perhaps it is fortunate that I have always been forced to stand on my acting ability. I haven’t a personality such as Jack Gilbert`s, for instance, that attracts women and makes them like me for myself. When I am on the screen I must make them forget me entirely and think only of my acting”

Powell is to dialogue as Fred Astaire is to dance. His delivery is so droll and insinuating, so knowing and innocent at the same time, that it hardly matters what he’s saying.

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Christopher Lee

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Ronald Colman by Melbourne Spurr, ca. 1926

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Douglas Fairbanks Jr. examines a world map for no apparent reason, 1940s

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Vincent Price

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Sydney Carton tells it like it is.


The stars of The Prisoner Of Zenda: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Madeleine Carroll, Ronald Colman, David Niven and C. Aubrey Smith, appear on the radio for a charity show with band leader Ray Noble.